TriVet Rides - 12th June 2019


From 2016......It's nice to be appreciated!

Could you pass on to your club members my thanks and congratulations for the Tri Vets Event. It was a really great day, so well organised and supported, that one could relax and enjoy the magnificent views over what was a pretty impressive route. Eden Valley Club is obviously in great shape when it can put on such an event, the participation of all the members from ride leaders to the makers of gooseberry crumble was first class and hugely enjoyable.
Many thanks to you all

The 2019 Event, starting and finishing at (GR NY 492310) Brambles Cafe, Newton Rigg College, Penrith CA11 0AH will consist of two courses of either 100mi or 100km. The morning route will be 60% of the distance and will follow the SW edge of the Penines with magnificent views of the Eden valley. Then we return via the Lyvennet valley to Newton Rigg. In the afternoon we loop N towards Dalston via NCN 7 and then return to the Eden, great views again, before returning once more to Newton Rigg. Each course will return to Newton Rigg for lunch, and breaks for 11s and ‘tea’ will be provided in each loop.


As this event has been designed to be a social activity, riders will ride and stay in designated groups which will be led by Eden Valley marshals. These groups will be put together according to the participant’s choice of speed and their preference to be with other riders (these factors will be addressed on the entry form).


Obviously if entrants wish to ride together, they will be allocated according to the speed of the slowest rider. Participants can choose to ride at one of the following nominal average speeds: 10/11, 11/12, 12/13mph or roughly 16/17, 18/19, 20/21 km/h

There may be the possibility of riding in a predominantly womens' group – if you would like to be included in this please indicate when you enter.

The entry fee for the event is £20 this fee includes refreshment during the morning and afternoon rides and lunch at Newton Rigg in the middle of the day. We would prefer that you enter online:

You can Enter the Eden Valley TriVets 2019 rides on line here

but if you wish you can complete an entry form with details of group and lunch requirements etc and enclose your entry fee of £20 (a cheque made payable to: EDEN VALLEY CYCLING UK). When you have entered, by whichever method we will send 'joining details nearer the time.